Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things to come in mails

Emails have become so popular that people now a days get hundreds of mails a day. That number can go even higher in case of executives. In most of the cases it has been observed that people are not interested in consuming all the mails they receive. Users will be really happy if they get their mails auto-classified into different folders.

Tagging can help solving this problem.

If we can have a middleware which sits between mail client and mail server and tags mails and makes them available. At the same time use can also add or remove tags from system. Having middleware can enable users to share specific tagges mails with others which industry is awaiting for.

Tagging can also assist to refine search query for mails.

There are five mails and five tags.

There are 5 mails and 5 tags (Movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Mails, Persistent)
5 Mails are given following tags.

1. Movies, Hollywood
2. Movies, Bollywood
3. Movies, Bollywood, Hollywood
4. Persistent
5. Mails, Persistent

Now if i search for movies, System picks first three mails and looks for all other tags those three mails have. Those tags are Hollywood and Bollywood. So system makes me available those two tags as my probable strings to refine search result. This way it assists you to refine your search query.

The way user consumes mails is also very important. Users are so much used of using mail clients and as a general tendency people are not willing to learn new things, So we should actually make folders available into outlook window onlyin that case each tag referes to a folder i your outlook window.

One more thing seems like coming up in mailing domain is generating RSS feeds of your mails and making them available through RSS aggregators. Google has already been there in this space.

Interesting is to see how both the concepts can integrate with each other and can really it be a killer Application? According to me we can have RSS feeds for folders and those folders represent mails of a particular tag.

Eager to see that happening :-)

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