Thursday, December 20, 2007

Disaster management at my office

It was 21st December 11.00 AM and fire alarm goes on at my work place. All the colleagues stood on their feet and were looking at each other to find out what has actually happened. Finally one of us realized that its a fire alarm and the whole 7 floor building needs to be evacuated.

What I could see around were faces with shock and carrying questions "What should we do now?".
There starts disaster management plan. Fire quadrant on my floor asked everybody to get out of the work halls and stand near the stairs but not to start getting down. I could see few youngsters running fast to the ground floor through stairs to make sure that there is no hurdle in the way down to the ground floor. There were few youngsters running around on the floor and making sure that no one is left out, checking in all the conference rooms and discussion rooms, Helping paralyzed and pregnant women to get out of the work halls.

Have you ever been into such a situation? Please never wish to be in. Its not at all fun.

Then we were asked to start walking down to the ground floor to the rescue area in a queue. There were so much panic that even before the fire quadrant completed that instruction, people started running down to the rescue area.

Then there was a head count to make sure that all the people have been evacuated. And here I can see smile on a face of fire quadrant "All have been evacuated safely without any damage".

Here comes the announcement which made everybody smiling and taking breath of relief. It was fire drill. Big big claps for fire quadrants who did fantastic job by evacuating the whole 7 floors of building in less than 7 minutes.



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