Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new year

Hi all

After a long time i am here at my blog.
I will tell you how have been these Christmas days for me.

One great thing, i have become uncle. My bhabhi (Cousin brother's wife) is blessed with a baby girl. :-)

I saw bhagam bhag movie didn't find it that great though. OK sort of movie. Not worth spending 150 bucks. I also went to singhgadh with one of my friend. His brother had come to pune and they wanted to visit singhgadh and i just accompanied them. Was a good time for me too. And i also went to Ambrosia one of the very good rests. at pune. Was my second time there but last time i didn't find time to see the place from around. I did it this time and found the place really very beautiful.

Persistent (My employer) celebrates December month with all sports and dance events. I participated in chess. Didn't win any game but so sad :-( We (Kanishka and Abhishek my colleges at office) organized a PPT event and we guys put up a great show there. Got a t-shirt for doing that :-)

I am leaving for home today. :-) Will have a great time there. 25Th was a birthday of my cousin (Jigisha) And one of my friend (Mittal). Going to have party from both. :-) And hey my bhabhi is blessed with a baby girl on 25th only so will have a party from her also. Man i will have a busy schedule there with parties.

Some career related initiatives:

I have planned to give SCJP. Had planned for first weekend of January. But it doesn't seem possible that day so will postpone it on may be 27Th January.
Also i have started taking English class. 8.00 to 10.00 Everyday and that too in the morning. Will be difficult but will manage it some how.

This is it from my side. My last month of 2006.

Marry Christmas and happy new year. See you soon with my first month of 2007 :-)

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