Saturday, April 14, 2007

My visit to Choukhi Dhani

We (office friends) were planning to go to choukhi dhani (Marvadi village rest.) since a long time. But yesterday (13th April 2007) was the day we actually went there. My friend Kanishka asked me to go to Choukhi dhani and i agreed and then we asked to few other friends and 9 of us were ready to come and we had 2 cars which were required as Choukhi dhani is about 30+ KMs from office.

We were to leave by 6.00. But one of my friends Yatin was stuck in a meeting and we managed to leave at 6.45 and reached there at 7.30. We did not know the exact way to the place but were going looking at the boards of choukhy dhani. Finally we were there, There was a board to choukhy dhani but we were in speed and had to have short break. And that resulted in an accident. Luckily we were not the victims but a truck behind us had a short break and a qualis behind that truck had an accident to that truck.

There was an entry fees of 299 per head which we found more but we had no alternative but to pay those money as we had come to a long distance of 30+ KMs. We were welcomed by sweet Ram Ram of people at the gate. As we went in, There was orange juice being served. And next was tea and Vada as starter.

Then we had a camel ride. There was also jyotish speaking future of people. We all went there with curiosity but found that guy was just faking things. He said one of my friends that he will marry at 26; But he is already 28 and single. :)

Then there was Bhakri of Bajri served with Chatni of lasun and makhan and gud. We all had a couple of bhakri each. Then we moved towards Kath putli. It was a nice entertainment. Then the one i liked most; We all had dance on Rajasthani songs and it was really a good fun.

And there was also magician who showed us so many magics and he also offered to teach those tricks in 300 bucks per trick. But we denied. Then few of us went to eat gola and rest were resting at a place. We had gola and went to those people and they were playing snacks and ladder and Ashish won even though he was about 20-40 steps behind Abhishek who wanted just one step to complete game but lost it finally.

Then we all rested for about 15-20 minutes and it was 10-15 out dinner time. We all went to a dinner hall and had a sit, waiters started serving and Abhishek (Who is rajasthani) was looking so happy to have Rajasthani food after a long time and was teaching names of items to all of us and was shouting that i know how to cook this. We all had a nice dinner and lastly we asked waiters to serve sweet jalebi to all of us.

Finally with Ram Ram of waiters our visit to Choukhy Dhani ended. And we came back home at about 12.30.

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